Ibiza Style Events

Your event or wedding at one of the most trendy places of the Mediterranean, Ibiza!
A beautiful green island inhabited by friendly locals, with many stunning beaches, luxurious accommodation, delicious restaurants and...  fantastic sun filled weather from March till December!
Ibiza is famous for its outrageous nightlife that you should absolutely enjoy when on the island but beside this, the island boasts beautiful scenery and nature, many unspoiled beaches, beautiful countryside and historic villages where one can simply enjoy the laid back atmosphere of Ibiza in all its simplicity

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The magnificent natural circumstances and the open minded Ibicenc (original islanders of Ibiza island) are the reason that for decades people from all over the world are drawn to this beautiful island in the Mediterranean. The result of this is an international and tolerant island community were anything is possible and people can be themselves.

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  IBIZA WEDDINGS - Ibiza Dream Wedding

Dream Weddings in Ibiza:

Over the last years, Ibiza was host to many weddings on the island.
You can opt for a traditional church wedding in one of the many small churches on the island.
A beautiful ceremony on a cliff overlooking the magic rock of
Es Vedrá when the sun sets or marry barefoot in the sand during a hippie blessing on one of the beautiful beaches.
In combination with an inexpensive flight, new luxury hotels, perfect weather conditions and stunning locations & wedding venues, the paradise island of Ibiza is the perfect place to celebrate that Special Day, your perfect Ibiza Dream Wedding.

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IBIZA WEDDING PLANNERS organize your dream wedding, in a beautiful location in Ibiza, with Ibiza’s finest catering and fantastic Ibiza style.

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Corporate Events or incentives in Ibiza:

Nothing is impossible in Ibiza!
Together with an inexpensive and short flight, trendy 5 star luxury hotels, romantic rural boutique hotels, a perfect climate and stunning locations, the paradise island of Ibiza is the most trendy place in whole Europe for corporate events.

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But you can also choose to stay in a private cottage with every comfort or in one of the many lovely accommodations offered by agrotourism on the island.
Also in the field of strife and teambuilding Ibiza has an unlimited variety.
And we have not yet mentioned the top notch restaurants and famous clubs on the island.
IBIZA EVENT MANAGEMENT is the islands best choice to organize your company events or private style events, in stunning Ibiza locations and venues, with the best Ibiza catering and perfect Ibiza style.

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